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How to gain more time

Messy Room, little guy is rejoicing that Mom will help clean his room.

I would have to say my wife has found the biggest use of our time is spent cleaning up after our three boys. Its enough for us to track them down and get their dirty clothes to the hamper. If my primary business wasn’t cleaning we’d be hiring a maid service pronto! I’m still considering outsourcing the laundry cleaning…

As a business owner I know other business owners. Having someone clean your business allows you time to focus on many other important things. You can focus on keeping your customers happy and making new sales. One local business I know take the time while I am cleaning their showroom and office to do service calls and sales quotes for furnaces and fireplaces. Just one sale would pay for several cleanings at their showroom.

Other business owners sincerely appreciate having a maid service clean their home. This way after working all day at the business, they pick up the kids at day camp over the summer, come home and they house is clean and in order. This is one less stress to deal with after a normally stressful day.

House cleaning by yourself or with the kids “help” can take all day! And still not look great… Professional cleaners and maid services come prepared and focused to do the job. The time that they take to clean your home or business can vary but this can be done while you are away so there are no worries for you.

If you are in the Pitsburg area check out Groovy Maid. What a cool name and some great reviews by their customers!

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